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Liuhua 29-2 Project Successfully Completed Manufacture and Delivery of Deepwater Pipeline Terminal


Recently, two sets of underwater equipment of Liuhua 29-2 project undertaken by Offshore Oil Engineering was put into operation at Huizhou city. So far, it took six months to complete the manufacture and delivery of deepwater pipeline terminal.

Liuhua 29-2 project is located in Liuhua 29-2 gas field group in the east of South China Sea. The project includes the construction and testing of two PLETs (deepwater pipeline terminals), which is the most complicated sub-sea pipeline terminal equipment independently designed, manufactured and installed in China so far. Meanwhile, the domestic underwater multiphase flowmeter is applied to the equipment for the first time as a test field for the localization of underwater equipment manufacturing.

Though he operation was in the period of Covid-19 epidemic,in order to ensure the timely delivery of the equipment, the project group of the company played the leading and model role as the key party members of the project, inspired all members of the project to concentrate and shoulder the heavy burden. The work plan was divided to the daily plan, and the manpower input was increased to ensure that the first pass rate of equipment RT reached 99.6%.

The successful manufacture and delivery of the underwater equipment of Liuhua 29-2 project not only greatly improves the transformation effect of the domestic technical achievements, but also reflects the spirit of Offshore Oil Engineering workers who are not afraid of difficulties and dangers, and strive to make progress, so as to contribute to Offshore Oil Engineering's reserves and production.

Photo shows PlETs in shipping on the vessel