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China's First "Shore Power Project" Started Constructing at Offshore Oil Engineering, Qingdao City


On August 28, the commencement ceremony for constructing the offshore power platform of China's first shore power project was successfully held at offshore oil engineering site,Qingdao city. With the sparks from the flame cutting machine, the first steel plate entered its cutting process.

Shore power project is to supply power to the offshore facilities of oil fields in Qinhuangdao and Caofeidian  by transforming the high-voltage alternating current of 220 KV on the land through the new offshore power platform, replacing the traditional power supply scheme of main generators. It is an important measure to help the country do better in Blue Sky Protection Campaign and the comprehensive management of Bohai Bay. Offshore Oil Engineering and Powerchina Huadong Engineering Corporation form a consortium to jointly carry out EPCI works of two offshore power platforms.

The project has significant social benefits in energy conservation and emission reduction, the development of surrounding oilfields, etc., which is an important embodiment of CNOOC's green and low-carbon development strategy and fulfilling the responsibilities of central enterprises with practical actions.